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~Adrift in the Mangroves~
Jupiter Inlet Outstanding Natural Area, FL

Mangroves are important to nature and the environment. They protect shorelines from damaging storm winds and waves, help prevent erosion, improve water quality and filter pollutants. They are also referred to as "nature's nurseries" because they provide a habitat and shelter for a variety of animals. Due to a severe drought in the 1980's and warmer than normal water, there was a massive die-off of mangroves across the state of Florida. The Bureau of Land Management and organizations like The Nature Conservancy and local environmental groups across the state are working to replant mangrove forests around the state.

This image of young, newly established mangrove plants was made at Jupiter Inlet Natural Outstanding Area in Jupiter, Florida. The photo features three of over 6,000 mangroves planted by the Bureau of Land Management in 2016 to help restore and protect the area.

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