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Rick Braveheart
American Landscape Photographer
Columbus, Ohio ~ Clearwater, Florida
Rick Braveheart

Rick Braveheart is a veteran master landscape photographer and Native American. He grew up in Western New York surrounded by dramatic examples of Nature including Niagara Falls, Lake Erie and Lake Ontario, old-growth forests and extreme winter weather conditions. From that experience he learned a deep appreciation for the beauty, spirit and power of Nature and an understanding of the interrelationship between its elements.

Rick BraveheartFrom his first photos made at age twelve, Rick's photography has evolved from a learned technique into a form of meditative practice. For years, his work was based on camera settings, charts and the rules of photography. Now, says Rick, "the camera feels guided by my heart, an inner voice and a sacred respect for Nature. Instead of seeking out subjects that catch my eye I first ask permission of Nature to photograph and then listen quietly to the land and its creatures. Slowly, something begins to whisper or move to the forefront of my awareness in ways my eyes alone would never have seen. When this occurs, I often discover that the camera has already made the photograph."

Rick BraveheartRick's work highlights the beauty of America's national lands and the growing need for its continued protection. His photography relies upon an understanding of light, nature, history, culture and weather. And, his understanding of nature is drawn from a lifelong passion for the outdoors, living full-time for 18 months inside America's national forests and parks and his work as a 14 time artist in residence for the National Park Service and Bureau of Land Management. Currently, his techniques include color photography using modern digital and film cameras, traditional black and white photography using vintage bellows-equipped wooden cameras (circa 1900) and impressionistic hand-painted works created by elaborately transferring or painting, by hand, inks from an original photograph onto paper, glass or other surfaces.

When not on the road photographing, Rick and his wife Barbara divide their time between Columbus, Ohio and Clearwater, Florida. His personal interests include reading, kayaking, hiking and educating others about photography and America's national lands through workshops and public talks

A few places where Rick's work can be found:
  • Smithsonian National Museum
  • Various US Embassies around the world
  • National Park Service Permanent Collection
  • Endangered Landscapes Traveling Art Exhibition
  • National Public Radio
And many others.