Rick Braveheart Fine Art Photography

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Rick Braveheart
American Landscape Photographer
Columbus, Ohio ~ Clearwater, Florida
Rick Braveheart

As a lifelong outdoorist and twelve time artist-in-residence recipient for the National Park Service I've spent years living alone and photographing within America's parks and forests. My work highlights not only the beauty of these magical lands but also the environmental challenges they face. Currently my equipment includes a wide assortment of modern digital cameras, waterproof cameras and vintage film cameras.

Instead of seeking out subjects that catch my eye I first ask permission of Nature to photograph and then listen quietly to the land. In time, something begins to whisper quietly for my attention or touches my heart in ways my eyes alone would never have seen. When this occurs, I often discover that the camera has already made the photograph.

Rick BraveheartAbove all else, my work is guided by a deep reverence and respect for Nature, patience awaiting the perfect moment, and long exposures often ranging from many minutes to hours to create these unique images that honor Nature's beauty and spirit.

When not on the road photographing, my wife and I divide our time between Clearwater, Florida and Columbus, Ohio. My personal interests include reading, kayaking, hiking and educating others about photography and America's national lands through workshops and public talks

Rick Braveheart A few places where Rick's work can be found:
  • Smithsonian National Museum
  • Various US Embassies around the world
  • National Park Service Permanent Collection
  • The Nature Conservancy of Arizona
  • Bureau of Land Management Permanent Collection
  • Endangered Landscapes Traveling Art Exhibition
  • Leepa-Rattner Museum of Art, Florida
  • Swaner EcoCenter, Utah
And many others.