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National Park Service
Artist in Residence
Rick Braveheart

national park service artist in residence

As a landscape photographer I create art that highlights the beauty of America's public lands. Each of our 400 national, and 6,500 state parks each have a unique inner beauty and personality that reveals itself only over time to the patient visitor. The concept of public lands accessible to everyone began in America. In my work, I strive to remind others of these places that allow us to reflect, recreate, appreciate beauty and escape to nature.

As a National Park Service artist in residence recipient, I have lived alone inside eleven national parks and forests for 4-6 weeks at a time. Each residency has allowed me to immerse myself in nature and come to understand the personality and characteristics of that place. Then, using film and digital cameras I normally spend 14-18 hours a day capturing their stunning beauty with the hope of inspiring others to visit and experience these places.

My artwork is found in hundreds of private and public collections including the US National Park Service, The Nature Conservancy and Museum of Northern Arizona. It is also featured in long-term exhibits in the Smithsonian Museum and US Embassies.

Some of the parks where I have served as artist in residence include:
  • Petrified Forest National Park, AZ
  • Badlands National Park, SD
  • Rocky Mountain National Park, CO
  • Great Smoky Mountains National Park, TN
  • Zion National Park, UT
  • Homestead National Monument, NE
  • Mesa Verde National Park, CO
  • Hubbell Trading Post Nat. Historic Site, AZ
  • Whiskeytown Nat. Recreation Area, CA
  • Acada National Park, ME
As well as several others.