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In my long career as a landscape photographer, my main focus has been spent capturing the beauty of America's National and Public lands. I've also had the honor of serving 13 times as the National Park Service artist in residence allowing me to live and photograph inside various national parks 4-6 weeks at a time. I also work with land preservation and conservation groups who protect and care for the land, such as The Nature Conservancy and Bureau of Land Management. The photographs in this website showcase the diversity and beauty of these lands and the hard work of the organizations that help to protect them. I offer all of my images as traditional matted photographs or as prints on metal or wall-ready prints both of which you can immediatelly hang on your wall.

  NEW - APRIL 2019   
  Dreaming in Color  
  NEW - APRIL 2019   
  The Journey Awaits  
  NEW - APRIL 2019   
  Colors of the Sea  
  NEW - APRIL 2019   
  Lighting the Way  
  NEW - APRIL 2019   
  The Long Road Home  
  NEW - APRIL 2019   
  Leaves on Fire  
  Sands of Time  
  Light Struck  
  Water Sky Earth  
  Sailing Light  
  Etched in Time  
  And the Sky Opened  
  Under the Milky Way  
  Mystical Morning  
  NEW - MAY 2019   
  Sunrise on Nymph Lake  
  Last Light on Jordan Pond  
  State of Grace  
  Atlantic Dawn  
  NEW - MAY 2019   
  Sprague Lake Sunrise  
  Awaken the Night  
  End of Day  
  Smoky Mountain Dawn  
  Moon Over Yellowstone  
  Santa Fe Dawn  
  Morning Glory  
  NEW - MAY 2019   
  Pastel Dawn  
  Lost in the Forest  
  NEW - MAY 2019   
  Painted in Light  
  NEW - MAY 2019   
  Dressed for Fall  
  NEW - MAY 2019   
  Breathe In  
  NEW - MAY 2019   
  By the Sea