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As a landscape photographer, my eye is also drawn to the beauty and history of our cities--something that is easy to overlook on a daily basis in places where we live. As a long time resident of Ohio, when not on an out of town assignment I spend time walking and photographing within the community I call home, Columbus Ohio. Like most other towns and cities, Columbus combines the beauty of nature and architecture with a blend of modern and, a sense of history -- an unending selection of subjects to photograph. I offer all of these images as traditional matted photographs or as prints on metal or wall-ready prints both of which you can immediatelly hang on your wall.

  Out of the Dark  
  Night Lights  
  Evening Glow  
  Moon Over Columbus  
  NEW - APRIL 2019   
  Purple Dawn  
  NEW - APRIL 2019   
  Changing Seasons  
  NEW - APRIL 2019   
  A Light At The End  
  NEW - APRIL 2019   
  Scioto Night  
  Tears of Spring Joy  
  Lost But Not Forgotten  
  Nature Beckons  
  Light Dance