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The Values, Beliefs
& Ethics I Live By

Values & Beliefs
I am a naturalist and environmentalist first and a visual artist who uses the camera as a tool second. How I photograph is an extension of the values, beliefs and ethics I live by. From an early age, Native American culture teaches that all things in our world are sacred and inter-connected. This includes humans, animals, plants, trees, water, mountains and even rocks. How we relate to and protect those things is critical to the health of our planet and our own life.

Whether it's hiking, walking, sitting by a tree or photographing my wish always is to help protect the planet and honor the sacredness of all things. Before photographing, I first give thanks to the land and affirm that nothing will be harmed or disturbed. Then I walk quietly and wait. Over time, something whispers for my attention and when it does I ask permission of the subject or scene first before making the photograph.

My landscape photography is guided by many ethics and principles. Here are a few:

  • I practice the principle of Leave No Trace to minimize my impact on the land and protect it for future generations.
  • I will never intentionally threaten or create stress or fear in an animal by approaching too close or making loud noises in an effort to get a better photograph.
  • I believe the camera should be the method used to capture the actual beauty, awe or drama of a scene. Instead of using the computer to dramatically manipulate a photograph, I prefer to hike, sit or walk and wait patiently in nature, often hours at a time, until she's ready to gift me with an image.
  • In some rare instances I reserve the right to modify a photo slightly so as to hide its exact location. I do this because over the years I've seen areas featured in well publicized photos that were damaged, defaced or even destroyed by irresponsible visitors or thoughtless photographers wanting a  souvenir.
  • I value the quiet, solitude and peace nature provides and the rights of others to experience it as well. In that regard, I practice being silent in nature, avoid making disturbing noises when hiking and turn the ringer off on my phone.

My Native American Values and Ethics at work
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