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Recently, PBS and affiliate WOSU TV created several video segments of me discussing my thoughts and approach in creating four of my popular photographs. Click on any of the videos below to watch.

Rick Braveheart Native American Landscape Photographer


White Sands National Park ~ Run Time: 80 Seconds

Rick Braveheart Native American Landscape PhotographerLocated in southern New Mexico, White Sands National Park is known worldwide for its unique landscape. Here, wave-like dunes of rare white gypsum sand span 275 square miles of desert.

In this photo, an hours long hike several hours before sunrise led me to a remote spot deep in the park and just in time to photograph a rising full moon that lit the dunes like a spotlight creating an almost unworldly scene.

Rick Braveheart Native American Landscape Photographer


Badlands National Park ~ Run Time: 81 Seconds

Rick Braveheart Native American Landscape PhotographerBadlands National Park was originally a reservation of the Oglala Sioux Indians who now occupy only the southern portion of the park. For this photo I wanted to create an image that conveyed the historical, cultural and spiritual importance of the Ogala Sioux to this land. Illuminated only by the moonlight, this 101-minute exposure photo highlights two teepees and a background of circular shaped star trails caused by the Earth's rotation. Circle shapes are one of the most sacred symbols to nearly all Native American tribes.

Rick Braveheart, Landscape Photographer


Zion National Park ~ Run Time: 90 Seconds

Backstory Videos - Rick Braveheart Photographer For 4-weeks during late fall, I lived alone inside Zion National Park hiking and photographing as the artist-in-residence for the National Park Service. Although daily temperatures had averaged 60F (15C) a surprise overnight storm covered the nearby mountains in snow. During the next 24-hours that melting snow flowed into the Virgin River that changed the water into a brilliant aquamarine color which almost perfectly mirrored the colors of the sky.

Rick Braveheart Backstory Videos


Rocky Mountains National Park ~ Run Time: 120 Seconds

Backstory Videos - Rick Braveheart PhotographerA day-long wind and rain storm hid the valley and mountain views in Moraine Park at Rocky Mountain National Park. Late in the afternoon while watching changes begin to appear in the sky, I setup the camera and waited nearly four hours in the rain with hopes for a let up and opening in the sky. Only 15 minutes before sunset sunlight streamed like a spotlight onto the land. I had time to capture this single image before it disappeared again behind the clouds.